Wash Hands at Hambledon Nursery

Coronavirus Update

Hambledon Nursery continues to operate under our carefully considered ‘Managing Coronavirus Risk Assessment and Outbreak Management Plan’, in order to maintain the very highest levels of safety and protection and to reduce the risk of transmission as far as we possibly can.

As we move into a period where we are learning to live with the virus in all of our lives, we shall be keeping our risk assessment under regular review and updating it in accordance with the very latest government guidance or any future local area restrictions.

The risk assessment focuses on four key measures that help limit the risk of transmission within our beautiful setting. These are as follows:

  1. Good hygiene for everyone (regular hand washing and ‘Catch it, kill it, bin it’ respiratory hygiene routines)
  2. Maintaining a proportionate and appropriate cleaning routine
  3. Keeping occupied spaces well ventilated
  4. Following public health advice on testing, self-isolation and management of confirmed cases

We are able to warmly welcome parents and visitors back onto site from Autumn 2021. Visits for prospective parents are no longer restricted to an out of hour walk through. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the nursery to arrange a visit during one of our sessions, on 01428 684892. Or email office@hambledonnurseryschool.co.uk if you wish to ask any further questions about registering your interest.

We have created this handwashing video to help children learn to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds as recommended.

Helping Children to Wash Their Hands

The actions depicted in this picture can be compared to the movements of animals in order to help children to understand how to wash their hands well, for example, making hands into a hedgehog shape (number 2), a snail curled up in a shell (number 4), holding onto your butterfly wings (number 5) or making a caterpillar wriggling on a leaf (number 6).

Hand Washing Animals

Please get in touch for further information

At Hambledon Nursery we recognise that there continues to be a level of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the impact that the pandemic has had upon children and their families. We understand that children may not have had the opportunity in recent months for typical pre-school experiences, such as visiting toddler groups or visiting grandparents and that spending time away from trusted family members may have been very limited. For this reason we continue to offer ‘bespoke’ settling in processes. We offer individualised support and settling in experiences tailored to specific needs, including settling in sessions, the opportunity to meet your child’s key person and offering home visits where appropriate.

Please contact the nursery for more information about how we can create the best possible start for your child’s nursery experience with us at Hambledon Nursery School.