Wash Hands at Hambledon Nursery

Coronavirus Update

Hambledon Nursery School is operating under a new ‘norm’ in the day to day running of our beautiful setting. We are unable to offer full visits during the normal running of a session, however, we are now offering alternative ‘walk through’ tours of the nursery. We are offering these from January 2021, on a Friday afternoon, outside of nursery hours, when the children and staff will not be on site. Kate Walford-the Head Teacher, seen below in this short video, will be available to happily show prospective parents around by pre-arranged appointment at this time.

Further information about our outstanding provision can be found by contacting 01428 684892, or by emailing at office@hambledonnurseryschool.co.uk

The nursery has conducted a full and comprehensive protective measures and system of controls risk assessment, which is available upon request and is updated to reflect the latest government guidelines and strictest safety measures to help protect children, staff and parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

At Hambledon Nursery School we recognise that there is a deep uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak which is being felt far and wide and impacts on children, parents and practitioners. We have prioritised taking all necessary steps to ensure that children feel safe and secure at this time, in order to then learn and develop. As a nursery we are focusing on children’s well-being, confidence and friendships through our highly effective and nurturing relationships with both our children and their families.

We have created this handwashing video to help children learn to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds as recommended.

Helping Children to Wash Their Hands

The actions depicted in this picture can be compared to the movements of animals in order to help children to understand how to wash their hands well, for example, making hands into a hedgehog shape (number 2), a snail curled up in a shell (number 4), holding onto your butterfly wings (number 5) or making a caterpillar wriggling on a leaf (number 6).

Hand Washing Animals

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